The Beat Somm Episode 3 - Good Morning Rant - Making Beats On The Go

In this episode I start my mini blog/vlog, Good Morning Rants. I talk about producing music on the Go

I Recently started making music on my iPhone and have fallen in love with the App Launchpad from Novation.

Check out a some beats I’ve made with the app here.

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Skobie Won is a Hip Hop producer and rapper from New London, Connecticut. Skobie is best know for blending styles from Hip Hop with EDM, Glitch and Rock. Skobie has won awards for best hip hop producer and best producer locally in Connecticut. 

Skobie is the host of The Beat Somm Show, a music production and marketing focused video show and podcast. He gives quick tips for producers and also has guests that range from fellow rappers and producers to brewers and chefs. 


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