N.M.E. The Illest - Hate Me Quietly


Hate Me Quietly is the third solo release from my friend and collaborator, Connecticut's Hardest Working Emcee N.M.E. The Illest. Hate Me Quietly (HMQ) is the second album of NME's I've worked on. 

Dreaming is the second single from Hate Me Quietly, featuring guest vocals from Daphne Lee Martain and Noah White. Dreaming was a blast to create, when I produce for NME I like to challenge him. I'll throw in things like bridges and breaks to see what he makes of it. Dreaming has a break after every hook and builds into the beginning of the verse. Daphne and Noah fill the breaks with a creative call back to the title and main theme. Am I dreaming? 

A conscience Reflection on building a career in music. NME realizes that while he was out making goals and pursuing his full potential, he actually started living his dreams. 

Over the life cycle of the HMQ We faced many challenges, some were real show stoppers. In late 2013 our studio in down town New London, CT flooded. I lost most of my record collection, and I'm still rebuilding to this day. Our insurance refused to cover potential damages to our equipment, and we decided to move for what would be the third time in three years. We are now sitting fat and happy in our new location The Danger Room!! 

The good still out weights the bad. In December of 2014 NME and I finalized our crazy idea to crowd fund the production and tour for Hate Me Quietly. I was at first pretty hesitant to try to crowd fund so close to the holidays. With our true DIY mentality We decided it was now or never. After 30 days and 134 backers, we raised $6,440. Thank you to everyone who has helped and supported us over the years!