A Reason for Dissonance - Song Breakdown

The following is a breakdown of the lyrics and the themes that I cover in this song. I think that it’s always good to hear what the artist thinks their song is about, and what they think is the important ideas. Since the listeners will have their own ideas of what is the most important stuff is.  Also note I use a “/” to note that this is the end of a line. That’s just how I’ve done it forever.

“Fuck the government, Rogan for President/ Legalize weed and correct the fucking deficit.”

I thought it would be fun to start a song with the word “Fuck”! Fuck is a great word to use to really get peoples attention, unless you were raised by a sailor, like I was. This word doesn’t get thrown around for nothing. To me when I say fuck the government I didn’t mean let’s take em’ down and start all over. I mean fuck these jokers lets get some real people in there.

This leads to my election to the highest chair in the land Mr. Joe Rogan. A lot of this first verse is a refection of my time spent listing to the Joe Rogan Experience podcast. I have listened to at least 500 episodes since 2010-2011 when I started listening. In my last album I made very cryptic references to Joe Rogan and Onnit.com, but in this album I’ve chosen to be more direct with what I’m trying to say.


Why hasn’t pot been legalized? Didn’t all my rapper friends tell me President Obama would legalize weed? This is me poking fun at that idea (shhh there’s still time!). While also pointing out the crazy fact that Colorado has made more money off of marijuana sales then off of booze. Ok I’ve spent three paragraphs on my first line in the first song that I’ve very proud of. I promise to be less winded.

“Pussifi America making men so delicate/ Skobie Won a pessimist represent Connecticut.”

Something my dad always said and something that Joe Rogan has mentioned many times in his Podcast. The Pussification of men our society is a huge problem. I was raised not to be a pussy. The second line is a reflection on my doubt that it’s going to get better anytime soon. In my last album “Bedlam and Squalor” I made a super cryptic reference to this idea. “Carpet square pussies watching paint dry”… I loved that line but only one person in my life ever got it. Since we made it up when we were 17 and janitors at our local high school. Also being from New England has the stigma of being a “Cranky Yankee” so this was a fun little flip of that idea.

“And I think it’s funny how them dems failed/ We're getting high blowing lines of Chem trails/”

As a libertarian leaning person, I’m very critical of Democrats and Republicans and all of their bullshit. Did I mention fuck the government? This is a jab at liberals and their love for global warming, but yet they take private jet liners to their town halls and other functions. So they pretend they are all about protecting the environment but really are too caught up in the rat race.

Getting high from the chem trails is more reference to Joe Rogan and his show Joe Rogan Questions everything. Where he debunks “chem trails”. Getting high from the chem trails came to me while I was driving to work, and saw that the contrails were in a perfect line in the sky. I though oh those look like coke lines. Now I don’t do drugs except for caffeine and booze but I thought it was really fun idea to put out there. Since they say “the sky is blue cause the water is blue” its kind of like a mirror. My best lines come to me while I’m Driving….

“Lobbyist three sheets to the wind and set sail/ Bureaucrats sit and watch it all dove tail/”

I definitely think lobbyist are too powerful and shouldn’t be able to influence our government leaders. So their three sheets to the wind, or drunk off of their power and the Bureaucrats just watch and do nothing about it. Dovetailing is a term we use in the office to explain how things come together.

“Meet the new boss same as the old one/ Social justice worrier, on the couch with a cold one/” 

“These mealy mouthed mother fuckers spit with a split forked tongue/ Keyboard diplomacy until the wars won/”

Meet the new boss[…] is a reference to The Who, one of the best bands ever. I was lucky enough to release this song during an election year and this throwback was too good not to work in. SJW’s they remind me of the lobbyist but couch potatoes living in their mom’s basement mad cause no one ever hugged them… They too are drunk off of their power. “These mealy mouthed motherfuckers spit with a forked tongue”. This is hands down like 6:30 my favorite line in the song to rap. The alliteration and the flow is sexy like some butter in your coffee. Talking again about politicians and SJW’s that double speak and talk out of both sides of their mouth, having a forked tongue is a idiom for being misleading.

“Entitlement babies living off the dole/ A crisis of conscience, bought and sold/”

My father is all over this song, an entitlement baby was and idea he had about my generation and their fixation that the world owed them something. Living off of the dole is a conservative concept, I’m pretty sure Sean Hannity was throwing this around a lot. When I would car pool with my old man, he used to listen to these momo’s and I always thought that was a weird way of saying it.  Crisis of conscience I’m pretty sure goes back to Graham Hancock’s banned TED Talk “The War on Consciousness” which was banned by TED.

“Some men do it for diamonds some for gold/ crony capitalism, it never gets old/”

The first line is a throw back to Tom Waits’ “Diamonds and Gold” from “Rain Dogs” which is my favorite Waits album. In context again I’m referencing how our government seems to be bought and sold. The next line is an adaptation from the Ideologies of Lew Rockwell. I read LRC every morning.

“No uh No I don’t buy it/ Trendy is as trendy does sell em’ tricks spare em’ love”

The hook of this song was sourced from the old folks around me, they love this saying, “I don’t buy it” It’s a nice clean way of saying it’s all bullshit and everyone is full of shit. I love it its really great. Trendiness is something I really don’t understand. I find it to be a distraction from life and the idea of being independent.

“The mislead youth jump off a building/ Search for the truth but it comes up missing/”

The first line is a throw back to my life as a skateboarder. “The Mislead Youth” was a video that Zero a skateboard company, put out that I loved. Also “Jump off a Building” put out by Toy Machine might be one of the best videos ever. At the heart I’m talking to my inner rebel about how you can’t find truth in any thing.

“What's the true cost of getting lost in a split screen/ Wash it all down with shots of Listerine/”

Is it really worth spending your days playing video games? When life (if you subscribe to simulation theory) maybe the best video game ever. So what are you missing playing someone else’s dreams? As a throw back to being a youth and allusion that aspartame might be clogging our pineal glands. Also this is an allusion to kids drinking mouthwash, since a lot of them contain alcohol so in theory you could get drunk off of Listerine (bad idea).

“Sick of the NIMBY's holding back progression/ Stuck in a nanny state, with to much attention/”

When I was writing this song I was reading a lot of Reason Magazine articles, one was on NIMBY’s also know as “Not In My Back Yard”. These are the type of people who go to town halls and bitch about how their neigbors house is the only yellow house on the street and it’s effecting property values. They are the same people who call the cops when there are unsupervised children riding bikes and just being children. Next I refer to one of the Cato Institutes’ favorite blog rolls, the “Nanny State” this is where in short; The government thinks it knows how to better regulate your life, health and basically knows what’s best for you. George Orwell is rolling in his grave as I write this.

“Living in a main frame, where everything's a weapon/ Back in the sand box full of aggression/”

This is another reference to one of my current obsessions the “Simulation Theory” a main frame is a reference to “The Matrix” and the huge databases of information we are all exposed to. “Everything’s a weapon” is a jab at gun reform. If you take things to their logical extremes anything and everything could (should) be considered a weapon; but no one is banning pencils are they? The sandbox is a reference to simulation theory; games like “Grand Theft Auto” are built with their own kind of intelligence. There are free worlds and nothing is ever really the same from game play to game play.

“There's always a reason for dissonance/ Deep-seated ignorance and no one gives a shit/”

A little title drop, I think no matter when, where or how, there is and will always be a reason to not (fully) trust authority figures and people of power. While they are people just like you and I, who put their pant on one leg at a time. Something happens to a person when they have power over others. This makes me very nervous. The next line is a throw back to my first album, similar topic but it honestly fits better in this song than it did back then. I think that a lot of people would rather choose to take the easy way out then to address a lot of the problems we face as society. A drink, a smoke, sex, any sort of instant gratification can distract us from our surroundings.

“A culture, a brand and provisions limitless/ we've got more than one pill to fill your impotence/”

To continue with the theme of distraction, I wanted to outline a couple of things that we engross ourselves with, and how we will use any thing for a quick fix as opposed to trying to find the root cause of the problem.

“Every dark cloud has a silver lining/ Stop and look around, might catch Wilbur fly in'/”

It can’t rain everyday and even if it did, there is always something to look forward to. I feel like I’m fucking Tony Robbins with that line but it’s really true. You control your perspective and your reaction to your surrounding. If you stop and smell the roses your might actually see that pigs can fly (not really).

“Should we really care if the NASDAQ isn't climbin’/ Time for introspection, it's gotta be worth tryin'/”

Is the fact that a lot of investors are gambling today really that important? The world’s economy seems dependent on a fucking number. Is the Market up or down, buy, buy, buy, sell, sell, sell. It’s such bullshit I don’t even really want to go down that rabbit hole. If you look within you will see that its never really as bad as it seems, and on the flip its also never really as good as it seems. You are just a little blip on a pale blue rock flying through space. Enjoy or life and just stop bitching.