Beats by Skobie - Lens of Crisis

Beats by Skobie

This is one of my favorite beats I have posted for sale. This is my attempt at being a beat sommelier. I had a lot of fun writing a break down of one of my own songs. I will be doing a break down of each song. so expect to see more of these types of blogs.

This is a royalty free, exclusive hip-hop instrumental. This is an original composition, no samples.

This hip-hop instrumental blends elements of electro, complextro, and trap. The Drums are simple straightforward hip-hop influenced rhythm. That also uses traditional electro bass kicks, snares, and high hat. For the verse the synth leads, back up instruments and bass instruments are written in the complextro style. The arrangement changes ever quarter note. The leads have lots of wobble and depth.

The hook is a full soundscape of high saw tooth synths and strings. That is both dirty and clean to please the ear.

Written in the key of C

At 88 Beats per minute

There is only one of these beats; once it is sold it is gone forever. 

All Beats By Skobie are hand crafted with Skobie's signature sound.